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Multi-resistant pathogens in chicken meat from Germany


New Study: More than one in two chickens from Europe’s largest poultry slaughterhouses contaminated with antibiotic-resistant pathogens

According to a study, chicken meat from EU food discounters is heavily contaminated with antibiotic-resistant pathogens. The study tested 165 chicken meat samples from the three companies, purchased in Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands, and Spain. More than every second chicken meat sample (51 per cent) from the three largest poultry companies in Europe is contaminated with resistance to one or even several antibiotics at the same time. On average, more than every third chicken (35 per cent) even carries antibiotic-resistant pathogens with resistance to critically important antimicrobials highest priority (CIA HP) into the food chain. These are the alarming results of a study published today on behalf of the environmental and consumer protection organisation Germanwatch and “Ärzte gegen Massentierhaltung”.

German Watch, 28 October 2020