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What is the role of nurses in reducing antimicrobial resistance at the hospital level?

Nurses play one of the most critical roles in combating AMR and although they are often integrated into antimicrobial stewardship initiatives, their role has not been made clear. Nurses should take an active role in these programmes to manage antimicrobial resistance and ensure that all antibiotic prescriptions are prescribed correctly and in compliance with local and national policy. Prescriptions for antibiotics should always be evidence based to guarantee they are being used for the right reasons and will be an effective treatment for the patient.

Nurses should always make sure that their knowledge of AMR is up to date so that they can better educate patients as well as make the right decisions regarding antibiotics. In both primary and secondary care settings nurses are some of the best positioned people to be able to inform patients about the threat of AMR and help them make health decisions that are better for themselves and for society  (Ladenheim, 2018).