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9th International Conference & Exhibition on Bacteriology & Antibiotics
Date: 23-24 February 2022
Location: Vienna, Austria
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This gathering will concentrate on existing and most recent developments in every aspect of Bacteriology & Antibiotics research.

Challenges and Innovative Approaches to Discover and Develop New Antibacterial Agents
(In the framework of the New Antibacterial Discovery and Development, Gordon Research Conference)
Date: 5-6 March 2022
Location: Lucca, Italy
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This meeting provides a unique forum for a diverse cohort of early-career scientists (graduate students, post-docs) to network, collaborate, and build their expertise in the realm of antibacterial drug discovery

Disruptive Antibiotics and Non-Antibiotic Therapies to Combat Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infections
(In the framework of the New Antibacterial Discovery and Development, Gordon Research Conference)
Date: 6-11 March 2022
Location: Lucca, Italy
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The conference will bring highly experienced leaders in antibacterial drug discovery and development together with young investigators and those new to the field of antibiotics research to help address tthe growing unmet medical need imparted by the spread of drug-resistant microbes.

6th AMR Conference: Novel Antimicrobials & AMR Diagnostics
Date: 7-8 April 2022
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The AMR Conference is a platform for SMEs, start-ups, big pharma, academia, investors and public institutions to discuss strategies and the specific challenges faced by SMEs in bringing new antimicrobial treatments and diagnostics to the market.

Antimicrobial Resistance – Genomes, Big Data and Emerging Technologies
Date: 27-29 April 2022
Location: Wellcome Genome Campus, UK, and online
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This year programme will include antimicrobial discovery and global trends in AMR, in addition to the focus on genomic evidence and the other tools for surveillance. It will highlight the recent advances in the rapidly emerging field of machine learning and GWAS methods to predict AMR. We will also discuss the role of vaccines in AMR, diagnostics, and how to translate the research findings into clinical practice and policy.

4th International Conference on Antibiotics and Antimicrobial Resistance
Date: 23-24 May 2022
Location: Rome, Italy
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With the theme “United to Preserve Antimicrobials and Innovative Approaches in the Field of Antibiotics” the conference is organized to unite scientists, researchers, teachers, business delegates, students and research associates to communicate about their experience, knowledge and also about on-going research.

ICAAR 2022: International Conference on Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance
Date: 27-28 June 27-28 2022
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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ICAAR  aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance.

World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress 2022
Date: 25-26 October 2022
Location: Washington, D.C., USA
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The World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress has been the go-to conference globally for all stakeholders in the AMR space to meet, brainstorm ideas and formulate initiatives that can effectively tackle antimicrobial resistance.